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Preschool social skills predict adult success

A new study from Penn State and Duke University, reported in dailyRxNews, suggests that the more social skills a child exhibits as a pre-schooler, the more successful they are when they reach adulthood.  The good news is that these are skills that can be taught, so early intervention can mean long-term prevention of problems!

Notice of conference

CASP members will be interested to learn of an upcoming conference in London, Ontario – the Canadian Conference on Promoting Healthy Relationships for Youth.  It sounds very interesting, and features a number of prominent speakers.

Biomarkers can identify optimal treatment approaches for autistic kids

New research from the Yale Child Study Center, reported in disabilityscoop, looked at finding ways to determine which children would respond best to which type of evidence-based treatment approaches for autism.  Since not all children respond to one treatment, this approach should enable those working with autistic children to maximize the benefit received from their treatment.

How math abilities develop

Interesting research from Israel, reported in CULTURE:Tech Times, suggests that the process begins earlier than school-age, and involves both size and number concepts.  Researchers believe that these findings should lead to early identification of dyscalcula, and from there, early intervention!

Factors contributing to child/adolescent suicides

An article published in the recent journal Pediatrics examined common factors in child and adolescent suicides in a number of states over a 10 year period.  ADHD was often found in both age groups, as well as family/social difficulties.  The message from the study is to educate parents, physicians, and teachers in the warning signs of suicide in order to intervene early and hopefully prevent this early loss of life.

BC concussion resource

With concussion in the news again as a result of Sydney Crosby’s injury, it is good to note that there is a Canadian resource from British Columbia with information available for parents, players, and coaches.

Social media and school crises

A new resource from NASP provides a number of worthwhile and important guidelines for the use of social media during school crises.  Although no one wants to think such things might happen at their school, being prepared is the best strategy at all times.  We hope your school has a well-defined emergency plan!