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Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences in School

This article from ASCD EXPRESS seems particularly relevant to today’s issues in schools and creating safe and caring school environments for all students.

The problems with teen smart phone use

A recent op-ed piece in Education Week looks at a number of studies examining the proportion of time spend with smart phones and the impact of that time on learning, attention, and even critical thinking abilities.  Many schools limit smart phone use during class time, but apparently some don’t, and even if class time is not counted, the amount of time spent is significant!  What’s happening to our kids and to us?

Obesity and ASD link

A recent article in The Atlantic cited research which is accumulating to indicate a link between a tendency to obesity and ASD.  As well as posing health problems for these individuals, there is also a challenge providing health education and engendering interest for them in maintaining an ideal weight considering that those with ASD often have communication difficulties, eating peculiarities, and lack of social awareness.  Efforts are being made to develop appropriate educational tools to meet this need.

Substance use higher and earlier in ADHD student population

New research published in the online Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, cited in EurekAlert, examined substance use among students diagnosed with ADHD and those without the diagnosis from multiple sites in both the US and Canada, over a long period of time.  The ADHD group used substances earlier and more frequently, not surprisingly, however the authors caution that the new relaxed access to marijuana may become more problematic for this group.

The unintended consequences of school-based anti-bullying approaches

An article in Psychology Today responded to a recently released video made by a young boy who had been bullied.  The video went viral, but the author of the article, Izzy Kalman, claims that, rather than providing empathy for the victim, it will only exacerbate the problem.  He claims that school-based approaches to enforce anti-bullying policies and mediate incidents only fuel the problem.  His approach is quite different, and he provides some samples of how to use them.  Interesting thoughts.

Self-injury information and resources

An article in ASCD’s Educational Leadership describes many of the factors associated with understanding, recognizing, and assisting students who self-injure.  As well, a list of resources is included.  It should be a great help to school psychologists.

Are recommended screen time limits too restrictive for children?

A new study from Oxford University, cited in EurekAlert, suggests that the AAP guidelines for screen time are too restrictive.  Although children who abided by them showed more resilience, they reported less positive feelings of well-being.  There are mediating factors to consider when setting limits, and parents would be wise to consider them.


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