Autism tool kits available on-line

A recent CNN article makes note of several excellent resources available for parents of early-identified as well as teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders developed by Autism Speaks.  These may be very useful to pass along to clients and teachers.


1 Response to “Autism tool kits available on-line”

  1. 1 Dr. Adam McCrimmon February 6, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    This announcement by AutismSpeaks is particularly timely, especially for the Calgary and area region. I currently serve on an inter-disciplinary committee of mental health professionals who are in the process of developing policies and specific tools to aid individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and their families during the transitional period from high school. Currently, there are little to no resources available to support this transtional period, and the majority of families struggle significantly once school is completed due to the dramatic reduction in services and support. This new release from AutismSpeaks, one of the largest organizations in the United Stated dedicated to research and support for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, may very well prove to be an excellent resource for us as we continue our work. I for one am very happy that this document was released and hope that it can be of use to other cities/regions in Canada as well!

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