Dyslexia not related to IQ

A new study from Stanford University, reported in the LA Times , demonstrates that intelligence and dyslexia are unrelated.  The authors argue for a broader understanding of dyslexia to ensure that all those who need special education services get them.


1 Response to “Dyslexia not related to IQ”

  1. 1 Joseph S November 6, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    This fMRI study, which I’m sure cost a bundle, gives us some info about the brain basis of one particular aspect of dyslexia, namely phonological deficit. But I suspect the take home message is misguided. The IQ-reading achievement discrepancy is no longer in vogue with school psychology as it simply is not evidence-based. Note that in the full version of this paper we find out that the authors used PPVT scores as a measure of IQ! And they expressed some concern about their choice of task during the fMRI assessment. Sounds like a lot more needs to be developed in their research protocol.

    Still they are no doubt onto an improved brain-based diagnostic technique. If successful, then perhaps more sophisticated and comprehensive measures of cognitive function can be used for adapted educational programming of those diagnosed on the basis of brain function/dysfunction.

    Let’s see if we can get some discussion on this topic.

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