Are IQs really rising?

An interesting study from the Duke University Talent Identification Program Talent Search,  reported on the Association of Psychological Science website and Business Insider, suggests there may really be an increase in the number of gifted people, and the reasons are attributed to “outliers” rather than the Flynn Effect.  What’s your experience?

1 Response to “Are IQs really rising?”

  1. 1 Joseph S February 3, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Of course, the number of those identified as Gifted depends on the search. If you don’t look for ‘gifteds’, you probably won’t find many. But if you actively seek out ‘gifteds’ [with or without modifying definitions/procedures], then you will find a lot more than in the past – whether or not the overall distribution of IQ scores changes.

    My 2 cents worth!

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