What are schools teaching?

In a new study from MIT, Harvard and Boston University, to be published by the Association of Psychological Science, it appears that schools that push students to achieve higher scores on standardized tests may, indeed, improve crystalized knowledge, but reasoning skills, or fluid abilities, remain unchanged.  So, are we teaching facts and forgetting about the “how to” and “why “?  And if so, is that really education?


1 Response to “What are schools teaching?”

  1. 1 Joseph S December 11, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    I suppose the powers that be are so hung up on paying homage to George Santayana by ensuring that a new generation equipped with the facts of the past will not be condemned to live through them again – even if it were possible to do so without the appropriate fluid intelligences not fostered by many educational systems.

    I wonder if the new generation could understand what I just wrote!

    Let’s see if this stimulates some discussion.

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