How to change a dyslexic brain? Read!

Research has previously demonstrated that dyslexia is not a visual problem, and dyslexic children have no problem understanding  spoken language, so they can identify sounds.  New perspectives, reported in the New York Times, suggest that the act of reading itself changes the brain to read better, and in order to overcome dyslexia, more and more practice is necessary, difficult as that may be for them.


1 Response to “How to change a dyslexic brain? Read!”

  1. 1 Joseph S May 18, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    I truly hope this is NOT a blip in some imaging technique. And even if it is, let’s hope that similar studies will guide this very promising approach that combines theory with practice, neuroscience with basic instruction, etc.

    Maybe in the very near future, we will have a handle on the why, what, and what do we do to get desired results in reading for dyslexics.

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