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Do race and politics belong in the classroom?

This very thorough and well-reasoned commentary from Education Week provides not only a rationale for open discussions of issues in the classroom but also some guidelines for teachers to consider in making these discussions happen effectively and beneficially for all students.  A good read, especially in these times!


Interesting site for parents

The attached site, posted on the NASP FB page, provides lots of good information for parents prior to school’s beginning.


Nova Scotia adds new staff to address suicide risk, bullying

Recommendations from Dr. Stan Kutcher to address mental health needs in the Cape Breton school distict, reported by CBC today, are welcome, certainly, but one wonders why there is no mention of increased need for school psychologists in the recommendations!

The impact of childhood trauma is felt lifelong

A recent CBC article provides an overview of the types and frequencies of childhood trauma and the various psychological and physical manifestations of those early traumatic experiences throughout the lifespan.  Very interesting reading.

The secret to the “Marshmallow Test” results seems to have more to do with culture than age

A new study, reported in KQED News Mind/Shift, repeated Mischel’s famous Marshmallow Test with two groups of young children in Cameroon and Germany.  The results were very interesting, and seem to have much more to do with cultural differences in child rearing practices and children’s impulse control ability rather than with simply developmental age.  Who knew?

Marijuana use connected to psychotic-like episodes in teens

A large study from the Université de Montréal’s Department of Psychiatry, funded by CIHI and reported in EurekAlert, established a positive relationship between regular use of marijuana by teens and increased psychotic episodes, leading to depression and anxiety.  The authors called this a public health concern for Canadian youth, which is very worrisome given the increased number of provinces legalizing marijuana.  What are your thoughts?

Guide to SEL programs

A new document from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, reported in eSchoolNews, looks at the relative effectiveness of a number of Social Emotional Learning programs and makes suggestions for best instructional practices as well as roadblocks.  This looks like a good resource to review.

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