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What really matters in kindergarten readiness?

New research from the University of Washington, reported in EurekAlert, looked at a variety of skills evaluated for kindergarten readiness and found that of the group usually measured (math, reading, social, etc.), language skills were the key to future success in school.  As well, the impact of those early language readiness skills continued to matter to school performance throughout the elementary years.  This is something to remember when doing those early years evaluations.



School-age and adolescent suicide attempts are rising

A new Vanderbilt University Medical Center study, reported in EurekAlert, has found that the numbers of suicide attempts among school-aged children and adolescents, particularly among girls, is on the rise.  This would be a troubling finding in any case, but given the shortage of effective mental health supports in schools, it becomes alarming!  We need to advocate for more school psychologists!

Are you a “math person” or not? How to change our perceptions!

A study from Stanford University, reported in EurekAlert, set up a large online course aimed at changing attitudes towards math and a student’s ability.  Researchers found that, for students who took the course, success at learning math really is a matter of attitude and not differences in innate competence.  Fascinating – who knew?!

Helping teens recognize and deal with cyberbullying

A blog post on PsychCentral looks at the prevalence of cyberbullying among teens and offers references that might help parents and teachers work through the problem with teens.  Very helpful information about a growing issue for teens.

CBT builds skills in children with Autism

New research from York University in Toronto, cited in EurekAlert, has found that using CBT techniques with children with Autism strengthens their emotional regulation skills.  Initially thought to be helpful only with anxiety, this new application of CBT also involved parents as co-therapists in sessions to ensure continuity of results into the home.  Researchers are looking now at broader application of the therapy.

The seriousness of cyber bullying

New research from Swansea University, cited in EurekAlert, looks at the prevalence of cyber bullying among teens and young adults, and the relationship with suicide attempts and self-injuring among both the victims and perpetrators.  Recommendations are made, but interestingly, it was found that victims were reluctant to reveal that they were being bullied, making it difficult to identify them and intervene.

Mental disorders a main cause of illness among children globally

New global research published in the journal Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, and reported in PsychCentral, suggests that, despite the numerous efforts to improve mental health world-wide, the prevalence mental health disorders in children continues to rise in most regions of the world, but particularly in the Americas and Europe.  Long-term implications of this trend are explored.

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